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Why Alberta created the Real Estate Act.

Why did Alberta change the Real Estate laws?

To protect Consumers. Surveys taken prior to 1996 disclosed the public was vulnerable. People did not know the truth. They assumed there was an Agent to represent Buyers and another Agent to represent Sellers.
Since the implementation of the Real Estate Act, every Albertan has the right to have his interests represented (protected) by his own Agent.
Now, loyalties and duties are clearly defined and disclosed.

When a Buyer deals directly with the Agent listing the property, the Buyer must sign away his right to full representation.
If you were divorcing, would you choose your spouse's lawyer to be your lawyer?

The Government has provided protection for Consumers yet Buyers often give up their right to have their own Agent.

WHY? It doesn't save Buyers money. The Seller usually pays the commission.

Why settle for less? Why put yourself in this situation?

You need a Buyers Agent.
I am a full-time professional Real Estate Agent.
Call me at 1-866-639-8800 or email me at janet@sellingalberta.com if you would like me to work hard on your behalf.
As your Buyers Agent, here's how I will help you:

*Falling in love with the "wrong" home can be expensive. I keep you on track.

*I use your price, your preferred payment not the bank limit. You won't be in over your head.

*I can give you down payment alternatives and information on mortgages that will help you.

*I give you a list of actual closing costs.

*I want you to get to new listings first. Otherwise you'll be looking at sold homes. I give you the latest information on new listings.

*I look after you, so you won't be influenced by Agents hired to sell the house to you.

*You won't have to go through newspapers, calling ads that are out of date even before the day they are published.

*You won't spend hours calling on signs, waiting someone to call back to tell you "It's sold" or drive miles looking for "Just Listed" signs.

*You won't waste your time viewing homes that are totally unsuitable or aren't as advertised.

*You won't have to put life on hold; I do your legwork. I sort through hundreds of listings a day.

*You won't worry about making a mistake. I give you the selling prices of similar homes in the area. I will not encourage you to pay too much.

*Why waste time looking if you can't get an accepted offer? I'm experienced at negotiating Purchase Agreements. When you find the right home, I work hard selling your offer to the Seller.

*I make the entire process as glitch-free as possible. I help you handle the details.

My attitude towards helping people buy homes:

I truly enjoy being a Buyers' Agent. I like helping my Buyers find a home that is good value for their money and suits their needs. I never encourage my clients to pay too much.

I do not sell my clients anything! I work for my clients. I do not use my selling skills against my clients. I use my knowledge and experience to protect my clients.

I can spend a lot of time helping my Buyers with real estate because most of my clients are sent to me by previous clients. That means I don?t waste time "cold-calling" strangers for business.

I work especially hard to make sure my Buyers get to the new listings first - Why look at houses that are already sold?

I do not just show a few houses, write an offer and walk away. I show a lot of homes (houses that fit my Buyers requirements), really work at negotiating good terms for my Buyers and then help with all the details.

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