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Bart is a Tennessee Walker. He was really patient with me - really helped my confidence. He is now owned by a young girl; they're having lots of fun together - lessons, 4H and shows.

Bart showing a youngster the ropes.
Raisin and Beau. Raisin is on the left. If Raisin was a person, he'd own a bar. He likes to have a good time and can get along with the grumpiest horse.
When I first met Raisin he was 5 had never been ridden and thought he was a dog. You held out a brush and he parked his body against it. My kind of horse. He is really smart.
Beau is a sleek, streamlined version of Raisin. If he were human, he'd be a male model from Europe.
There go the buddies. They stick together all the time now.

Had to crop this picture to get Raisin without Beau.

Reba's a looker. She loves to have her ears scratched. Most horses don't like you to even touch them - ears are their first line of defense. Not Reba - puts her head on your feet so you can put your hands in both at once. That's trust.