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Stop Thief!!!

Be Careful !

You're excited about moving.
You really want to sell your home.
You have a lot on your mind.

Don't be a victim.

You can learn from these stories:

A couple were interviewing moving companies. The movers often came to their home to see the items to be moved before giving a quote.
As conversation turned to the date of the job, the "movers" asked, "Will this be a weekend move?" The couple said, "No, we'll be out of town that weekend."
During the weekend in question, their valuables were stolen.

Never broadcast your absences.
Don't broadcast your absences

Train your children, especially to keep such information to themselves.

A family living on an acreage arranged a winter getaway. The kids were excited and told everyone at school. While the family was in Mexico, teenagers broke into their home and burned it down.

A young fellow often had lunch on schooldays at his grandparent's. They hid a key so he could come over while they were away. One day when they were away on vacation, he brought a friend from school for lunch.
A few days later, their home was robbed by friends of the friend. They knew where the key was too.

Pay attention to your instincts.

People put themselves in vulnerable situations when they are concentrating on selling their home.

Last year, a lone man went to several open houses. When Realtors were locking up and checking the house, they found basement windows open or unlatched.
During the week following one open house, he returned telling the Lady of the house he needed a better look at the furnace. When she hesitated, he asked if she wanted to sell the house or not?
She let him in!!! Fortunately the homeowner's friend arrived and he made a fast exit.
Thank Goodness Realtors noticed him and his pattern of behaviour and alerted the Industry.
I don't know if he went to private Open Houses or if he succeeded in entering any houses through those open windows.

It was relatively easy to spot this particular person. He's not experienced or subtle. What happens with slicker criminals?

People feel something is wrong but... they ignore their instincts.

If you feel something is wrong....GET OUT OF THERE!

Change your locks. It can save you thousands of dollars.

A few years ago, as a housewarming present, I gave my Buyer client a gift certificate for a lock change.
On possession day, she moved most of her belongings into the new house but ended up staying at her old house.
That evening a neighbor saw a van pull up, a man enter the front door and took out the television and VCR. The neighbor told the home owners "He looked like he knew what he was doing."
Thieves have their own schedule, they aren't going to wait for you to get around to stopping them.

Remember all the warnings.

Showing your home

When it comes to showing houses, Realtors have an advantage over home owners. They can stay with the Buyers while they look at the home and it won't hurt the sale.
Every Realtor tells homeowners they will sell their home for more money in less time if they leave the property during showings. Buyers feel like they are inconveniencing the owners. They rush through and miss the details.
It inhibits the conversation. If a couple can't discuss a home as they view it, the impact and potential of the home is wasted.

Some Buyers refuse to view homes if the owners won't leave.
They don't want to take anything, they want to buy the house.

As for SECURITY, Realtors meet the Buyer at the Real Estate office so others will see him. They can ask a lot of questions, get a credit check, even ask for ID or write down the license number of his car... BEFORE they go into your home. If you did that, the Buyer could take offence.

If there is a concern about safety, The Realtor does not have to enter the house. Realtors may unlock the door and wait outside while the Client looks at the property.

Realtors are constantly given tips and training on personal safety.

OPEN HOUSES: Now precautions are taken to protect the Realtor as well as the home.

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