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Privacy Policy

Janet Bossert's Privacy Policy

Janet Bossert will do her best to protect your privacy. Any information you provide is used by Janet Bossert only, so that she can keep you updated on properties that meet your want list.

Will Janet Bossert disclose the information you provide to third parties?
Janet Bossert does not sell or release information gathered on this website to any individuals companies or groups. Any information gathered is used to enable Janet Bossert to provide you with information you request.

Will I receive email from Janet Bossert?
You will receive email communication from Janet Bossert if you register your email information with us and choose email as your preferred method of communication. Email you receive from us will contain information regarding properties that may interest you, such as properties recently listed for sale or new prices on properties that meet your requirements.

What information does Janet Bossert collect and how does Janet Bossert use this information?

Janet Bossert collects two types of information. The first is general information regarding the pages viewed on my websites.
In order to ensure Janet Bossert's websites are providing content that people need and want, Janet Bossert collects aggregated site-visitation statistics.

The second type of information collected is specific information (criteria) you give Janet Bossert to search MLS® listings for properties that meet your needs.

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