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Selling your own home?

If you are trying to sell yourself, here are some pointers:

Make it easy for Buyers to get information about your home. The Buyer wants you to return his calls asap. Get an answering service and cell phone.

To sell your home for the most money, learn to answer Buyer's questions effectively. You must learn to use questions to sell your home's value.

The Buyer must be able to contact you easily for a convenient appointment. The Buyer should not feel he is causing you any inconvenience.

For tips on security, please read "STOP THIEF" - especially "Pay attention to your instincts".

Showing a home is an art.

Without compromising your security, it should be easy for Buyers to view your home.
To generate the most profit, your Best Buyer must be able to look at your home in private.
He should never feel like he should hurry.
The Buyer should be made aware of the property's features that are important to him (not what is important to you).
He should not feel uncomfortable because people are hovering around him.
Do not reel off a long list of improvements. What if you and the Buyer do not have the same wish list? Your list could make the Buyer think the price is based on things that aren't important to him. In the Buyer's mind, that is a reason to reduce the price. No one wants to pay for something they don't want.
The home is best presented by someone that knows your Buyer's wish list and will help him appreciate the value of your home.
The Purchase Agreement:

You and the Buyer must negotiate a good legal purchase contract. The agreement is complex and legally binding. The Buyer must feel comfortable with the document so he can agree to it. You both need to be aware of what you are signing. We all know the pitfalls of a poorly written offer. Mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars or even the sale. If you have any choice, have someone deal with the Buyer on your behalf.

FINANCING must be arranged without causing the Buyer to have "Buyers' Remorse" ie. second guess his decision or doubt the value of the home. The Buyer may not feel comfortable dealing with a Bank you recommend. A neutral financial source would be more acceptable but then you are gambling on the experience and ability of the mortgage broker.

The Buyer must feel that the Inspector is unbiased. There are good inspectors and bad inspectors - it is difficult to make sure the Buyer deals with a good inspector without making him feel like you are pushing him towards any particular company.
The transaction must be completed. You and the Buyer have obligations that must be met within definite periods of time in a particular manner or your deal can collapse. This is very important to both of you. The Buyer must not feel pressured just reminded.
There is a Buyer for every home.

I work for my clients every step of the way!

When it comes time to sell, I want my clients to be able to relax and not fret over details. I continually market, sell and buy homes. Over and over. Each home and every selling experience is different but the steps are the same. I have the experience and tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive, modern market. My combination of skill and technology ensures that I can help my Clients achieve their goals.

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