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The most important sales advice:


Never communicate with Buyers directly - it will cost you every time.

Every Realtor tells homeowners they will sell their home for more money in less time if they leave the property during showings. Buyers feel like they are inconveniencing the owners.
It inhibits the conversation. If a couple can't discuss a home as they view it, the impact and potential of the home is wasted.
Some Buyers refuse to view homes if the owners won't leave.
They don't want to take anything, they want to buy the house.

Buying a home is an important transaction. Money can bring out the worst in people.
Buyers worry about being taken advantage of. They feel they have to be careful; even suspicious. They are very sensitive.

The most innocent remark can be misinterpreted. Some judge your appearance; your manner of speaking; your possessions. Every word and nuance will be noted and discussed.

They are looking closely at you; trying to decide if they can relax and trust you, if you are hiding anything or even if you are being greedy.
Some Buyers are pretty sharp. They are trying to learn as much as possible about you. Trying to see if you are vulnerable and if there is any weakness that will help them get a better deal.

Why take the chance of ruining the sale by dealing directly with your prospective Buyer?

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