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Animal Pix

"Teak" winning Best of Breed Edmonton Kennel Club April 2003
"Teak" at Northlands show April 2003. He is being shown by Terri Taplin, the owner of his sire.
His dad was #1 dog in Canada, all breeds 2003.
Bridgit skipping along by the river at Terwillegar off leash area.
My white "Dog" December 2002. Pretty good for 15, eh?
Bridgit crashed out with her alter ego.
Bridgit in my office. Her favourite spot these days.
Japanese Chin
She was given to me at 1 year in February 2006
Dorie-D going after a bone.
I don't know who's winning here.
Spring 2004. The canaries have started to build a nest.
Ashley warming up Abby for a jumping show. 2003
Abby and Ashley 2003
December 2002
Teak when I first got him.
He was 5 months old - really gangly.
His legs were so long that he tilted back when he sat up.
December 2002
Trying to look elegant
Teak at 5 months.
A little scruffy - hadn't had a complete haircut yet.
Here's a close-up of dear little Bridgit before her haircut.
She is so fiesty and mischievious, I have to remind myself she is a sweet little dog. She is always ready to play. Play means attacking Teak. Even swinging on his ears. Poor boy, she really works him over. Now Bridgit's filled out she gives him even more of a work out.
Here's my little boy Canary. He was born Spring 2003.
Bridgit running in the snow in -42 windchill.
Apparently its great weather for playing.
Teak running for the door. He thinks -42 is great for staying inside. I shouldn't have got his hair cut in December.