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Decorating Ideas

Here are some ideas I have picked up over the years.

Durable, easy-care entry wall protection

A family with hockey-playing boys and a home with a narrow entry way installed plain white inexpensive 4" x 4" tile 4 feet up their entrance wall through the nearby bath and as a backsplash in the kitchen.

Compared to other beat-up entries I have seen, theirs always looks "new".
Tile does not dent and scuff like drywall. You just wipe it off. Cuts down the repainting and scrubbing.
Plus white is so easy to accent and decorate around.
Kid's Playroom

Blackboard paint can be used to paint entire walls or sections of walls - how about using it for wainscotting?
Your kids will have walls they can write on with your blessing.
(The paint doesn't have to be black either!)

A Place for Everything.
Encourage children to put things away by designating specific areas for specific things and activities.

Set up a corner for reading.
Set up another area for drawing, painting or crafts.
Give toys another area.
You can have a separate box for for lego; another for dolls and another for cars and trucks.

Even when there's no time for a complete clean-up, the room will tidier in minutes when they put their things in the right general area. Later, everything can be put exactly in its right place.

You can carry it further with colour-keying.
Make sure the shelves, boxes and tables for each area is the same colour.
For example, if the reading area is red, paint the desk and bookshelves red.


You can't imagine how many times I've seen a home rejected because of panelled basements or living rooms.
Believe it or not, they paint beautifully.
Lightly sand.
Use the appropriate primer.
Lightly sand.
If you are picky, lightly sand and paint again.
Disguising a low ceiling

I saw this illusion in a basement the other day.
The wall colour was extended at least 2 inches into the ceiling.
I assumed they painted the ceiling first. (In this case a dark plum.) You didn't even notice the colour but I don't think a light colour would have worked.
They masked off a square about 2 inches within the perimeter of the ceiling.
Then applied the wall paint.
More illusion:
The long walls were masked off diagonally / and painted with two strong colours in the same pallet. In this case maroon and gold.
Oak baseboards completed the look. White would "pop" too much.

The room had a great feel to it. Really cosy. Didn't seem like a basement at all.

My painter told me that you can disguise a ceiling that isn't square using the same "paint-in" technique.
Boys Closets

I saw a teenager's room that was easy to keep neat and tidy.
The closet had shelves like a linen closet. The rod had been removed.
Face it: jeans, sweatshirts and T-shirts are easier folded than hung on hangers. A couple of hooks can handle the few items that must be on hangers.
If you must keep a rod for hangers, you can divide the closet into 3/4 shelves and 1/4 rod.
It would also work for kids and some men.
Light and Bright

Painting the ceiling is a quick brightener.

Cupboards suspended between the kitchen and dining area are notorious for cutting light.
You can remove them completely but it's difficult to give up storage.
My suggestion: Remove the doors or replace with glass.

Try putting a mirror in a dark corner. Multiplies the light.


It is quite easy to make your home more attractive to Buyers.
You don't need to spend a lot of money, either.

Start by looking at your home from the Buyer's point of view.
The average Buyer.

Buyers want a home that is comfortable and easy to live in.
Buyers want a home that isn't too small.

Make your home as NORMAL or TRADITIONAL as possible. Make every room spare and efficient. Remove items not usually found in specific rooms.
The kitchen should look like a kitchen. Not an office, nursery, kennel or greenhouse.
The Living Room should be welcoming and easy to spend time in. Set up a cozy conversation area. Buyers respond negatively to traffic passing between the television and the sofa.
It is difficult to visualize items removed from rooms so do it's up to you to take extra furniture out. Let the Buyer's imagination put his personal extras into rooms.
"Not enough" is always better than "Too much"
Feature one plant and find a temporary home for the rest. Buyers can't seem to see a room when it's full of plants no matter how nice they are.
It should be easy to move from room to room. Take that cute little table out of the hallway.

Years ago, before I became a Realtor, I had put an unconditional offer on a home and needed to sell my Condo asap.
It was average size but I had so much furniture it looked smaller.

The rule is: remove everything from each room and then select what will work best. Arrange your furniture from scratch. Make the room look spacious as well as homey. Get rid of everything that doesn't work to make the room look bigger and better.
In my case, I took about 1/3 of my furniture out and stored it in my mother's garage.
I had a lot of personal things on display which distracted from my home. It looked cluttered. As soon as I put all my treasures away, my Condo looked neater and tidier.
I went around with a little brush and touched up the paint - EVERYTHING.
Painting the baseboards really helped. Made it look brand new.
I was a demon. Meticulous.
I did not leave anything unfinished - no missing trim.
I recaulked the tub.
Of course, I CLEANED and cleaned. And Vacuumed. And dusted - especially the baseboards.
I drove into the parking lot and took a GOOD HARD LOOK at the yard, the front door and the parking lot near my unit. I picked up a bit of litter in the parking lot. People do not want to move into a complex where nobody cares.
I decorated my deck with large pots of flowers.

I didn't want to provide any excuses for it not being shown.
I could leave at a moments notice.
Or SMELLY meals - like fish or curry or garlic.
Whenever I left, I put the DOG on the deck - thank goodness it was Summer. When there were showing appointments, I took him with me.

In 8 days it SOLD for MORE MONEY than any other condo in that complex sold for previously. A record that stood for about 8 years.

Would it have sold without the reorganizing and touch-ups? Sure. But not for as much money or as quickly.


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